Laney IRT 60 speaker config. Question

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Laney IRT 60 speaker config. Question

Postby Silas2342 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:45 pm

I recently purchased the IRT 60. Love it!! I am a bit confused with the speaker connection layout. The manuel did not really elaborate. I know with tube amps it is very important the ohlms match. I am looking to use 2 4ohlm speakers cabs. (4×12 rated at 4 olhms. It does show 2 separate 4 ohlm inputs. It also shows at the input that it boxes the one together next to it on the speaker congig. Which 2 should I use.
And one more question. Is it ok to plug one 4 ohlm in and also an 8 ohlm at the same time? I also have a 2x12 8 ohlm Id like to use with a 4x12 4olhm at same time. Thank you

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