VH100R HOT amp issue

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VH100R HOT amp issue

Postby JMusic » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:51 pm

My VH100R started to get some pretty nasty noise coming from it. Afterward it would occasionally pop VERY loudly like a tube issue, but much louder than usual. The last time it did this I walked over to it and noticed an abnormal amount of heat coming from the top. The metal grill on the top was too hot to even touch. After I unplugged it and let it cool, I looked on the underside and there appears to be some plastic netting material that actually got melted.

I haven't yet replaced the tubes but I'm going to get onto it soon. Do you guys think this is just a tube issue? I hope nothing got damaged from it overheating. I turned it on a while ago and it seems fine, but I don't keep it on long enough to start doing that again.

The only mistake I remember committing is that I accidentally left my amp on without a speaker cable plugged in. That was a while back. I also don't remember if I had it on standby at the time. Do you think that would hurt it a lot, even if standby was on?

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