I'm a sucker for the mutants...

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I'm a sucker for the mutants...

Postby Skarekrough » Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:37 am

So, first of all, greetings from Boston!

I picked up this AOR 50 about a month or so ago off of Guitar Center. I'd been creeping for one for awhile now and the price was tough to beat.

If you notice in the pic it's not...well....normal. Someone decided it would be a fun project and went and replaced the front plate with mesh wire (decent quality I might add) and add some solid early-2000's sheet metal flame artwork. Not pictured in the back is the same wire mesh, but also steel diamond plating on the inside.

Also, the previous owner must have lived in a place prone to tornadoes because it's the only reason I can think of to explain how well the "Laney" badge is adhered to it.

So, the first question I have is does anyone know who the previous owner of this amp was/is? Honestly I expected this to be some sort of high school metal shop art project. I was wrong. Very wrong. Someone with some appreciable skill did this and crafted it with an ability well past what I expected.

Someone that put THIS much effort HAS to be enough of a fanatic to have a presence on here......

Also, it shipped to me with what HAS to be brand new tubes.

Who does that? Every amp I have bought the tubes are smoldering and dead when I pull them. These suckers look like they came out of the box JUST as it got to me?

It also looks like it got a cap job in the fairly recent past too....



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Re: I'm a sucker for the mutants...

Postby Polsky » Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:27 pm

OMG...wasn't on this forum for ages. So I saw AOR's like this one before. Even I guess I know the guy who was upgrading AOR's like this. He is passionate about AOR amps and all his amps and cabs looks like yours. They changing front and back panels of head and grills in the cabs. Also pretty often amps are recapped and fresh set of tubes installed and biased. I gues if amp sounds good you are lucky to get it.
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