impedence switch. quality nd fnunction? any ideas

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impedence switch. quality nd fnunction? any ideas

Postby awangotango » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:04 am

am gutting and rebuilding a 50W aor into a marshall plexi. I'd like to save the imp selector but need to clarify how/that it works.

With all the wires desoldered. I can do a DMM continity check between the center common tab and each other and get proper continuity when each is selected for the proper ohm selection that the DMM probe is touching.....but when its all wired up back stock (see pic), and I measure continuity i get continuity in all positions regardless of ohm tap tested or where knob is selected.....I suspect this means that inside the Output transformer all these 3 ohm options are ultimately wired in series somehow so when one is 'on' the other 2 are at least on in a potential form? is this the case and if so, what is it that prevents the unused two taps from being tapped when the 3rd is selected?

I just want to confrm the imp switch is functioning conrrect. FWIW the same 'issue' is present on my other working AOR/plexi conversion so I am assuming his is just how the switch works and there is no way to DMM lead test each individual seclection?

hard to explain, hope someone understand the question !!?

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Re: impedence switch. quality nd fnunction? any ideas

Postby tedtan » Wed Mar 20, 2019 2:40 pm

No offense, but why ruin an AOR like this? if you want a plexi, just buy or build one.

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