'87 AOR50 PT swap help needed

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'87 AOR50 PT swap help needed

Postby awangotango » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:07 am

tyying to swap a classictone 40-18033 PT into this marshall 1987 circuit.....using layout as seen below...

I may just hotwire the 120v but in terms of neatness would like to solder on the unused 110v/130v/220v/230v/240v to the voltage selector and wire the 120 there so it can be used and also have a place to secure the unused wires.....Trying to figure out how that switch works....

the handwritten diagram is what i determined is conected when that voltage is selected.....not sure what to make of it however and ultimately need do figure out how the stock volt selector works so that i can superimpose the new unused taps to appropriate voltage

the classictone has same options except no 110 (it uses 100) so i'd sub that as beign equal

any ideas:

https://ibb.co/6s3Dts3 (the NEW PT)
https://ibb.co/D8Mztv0 (

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