Some questions re: AOR100 & Boost Knobs

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Some questions re: AOR100 & Boost Knobs

Postby noisenet » Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:41 am

In the series I AOR100, is the pull boost on the bass control boosted AFTER the Master Volume control? I ask because when I'm set to a moderately low volume and pull that boost, the low end is overwhelming. If I keep it pulled and bring up the master, the rest of the frequency spectrum catches up to the level of the lows, finally catching up around 6 or 7 on the MV.

Regarding the boost on the Treble control: is there a mod to make this boost less overwhelming? As it is now it's somewhat unusable - makes the amp sound super brittle. I can sorta use it if I dial the Treble knob all the way down = also at higher MV setting it doesn't seem as brittle but it's kinda hard to tell because the only way I can get that MV up high is to have the AOR channel pulled and Preamp Level 1 backed off significantly.

It appears to me the 6 knob version is more in line with the JCM800. I'm wondering if, boosts aside, the roots of the 8 knob version isn't more in the Plexi realm - with it's 2 preamp volume controls? Preamp 2 does seem more bassy, as it would on a Plexi.

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Re: Some questions re: AOR100 & Boost Knobs

Postby valvenut » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:08 am


this sticky topic, above,

discusses some of the effects of boosts and suggests mods. It may be helpful.

The bass boost is at the master volume pot and acts as you described. The series 1 was powerful, maybe over the top for some users and Laney changed this in the series 2. The mod suggested in the above post is one I did on my series 1 and is easily reversible.

The brightness of the treble boost is also explained. Of course speaker choice, pickups, etc can affect the brightness/brittleness. I read somewhere to dial back the treble and then use presence to tweak treble. Seems to work for me. I rarely use treble boost.

Some individual units may have been accidentally wired with a mid boost which almost completely bypasses the tone stack. This gives a giant volume boost and some may like this. Once I discovered it in mine I changed it to reflect the schematic. Now it acts as simply a mid boost which I like. Some may be getting that big boost and like it. After reading a lot of posts on this site it's clear that many players' mileage varies with these boosts and users' settings are all over the place. Good luck.

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