My Laney is EPIC! (hear how it compares to my other amps)

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My Laney is EPIC! (hear how it compares to my other amps)

Postby Guitarjon » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:54 pm

Hey everybody!
New member here!

I bought an Ironheart 60 a while ago but I hadn't had much time to properly put it to the test.
I thought it would be quite epic to start off with a comparison video in which I tested it side by side with 12 other amps, including some pretty expensive ones compared to my Laney.
Anyway, the Ironheart REALLY surprised me!
It has such a big and epic sound in comparison to the rest and I honestly feel like the Laney is in the top 3 of these amps.
They may be affordable amps but that says NOTHING about the quality.

Absolutely blown away, never going to sell this amp and I am going to spread the word!
I guess I'm a little late to the Laney party but never late then never!
Before I babble on too much, here you can watch the vid:

Which one was your favorite?
Do you also agree that the Laney is one of the best ones?

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Re: My Laney is EPIC! (hear how it compares to my other amps

Postby Voxman » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:49 pm

They all sounded very similar - some differences on the cleans (but not much) & virtually no difference on the high gain. Only one I didn't like was the Orange Terror at the end. The Laney held its own, certainly.
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