Celestion G12T-75 vs. Vintage 30

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Celestion G12T-75 vs. Vintage 30

Postby Polsky » Sun May 14, 2017 2:23 am

I know, I know .....there was a thousands of pages written about these speakers or a mix of both. But I could not read a lot about these speakers with Laney amps. I used two speakers configuration and four speakers configuration for each cabinet. I will say it now....my favorite is G12T-75 . This speaker is incredible. But lets start in order. I did a mix of speakers in a three cabinets. I put 2 Vintage 30's and 2 G12T's in Marshall 1960 b. Than one and one in self made cabinet , than two G12T's in oversized cabinet. As a mix they sound good. Really good . But some day I decided to use a cabinets with same speakers in it. First was Vintage 30 in 2 speakers cab. Have to mention that all cabs was closed back , birch plywood construction . Vintage 30 got a very nice bass response and is flexible about EQ changes. Also it has a lot of mids . Actually there is more mids than bass . Highs are clear and overall dynamics are ok. It sound nice at any volume but when mixed with G12T you can hear it more than G12T...specially at low volume. The best sound I get from IRT 60 with Vintage 30. Also AOR performing very nice with this speaker. It got deep bass and shredding sound really good . TT 50 also taking very well this speaker but for me this speaker lack something. Something is missing in it sound. You can play heavy with them but this is not that heavy...maybe more bassy but not heavy in of . Is like V8 engine with misfiring on one cylinder. I know that all that big guys using them but I really could not get this FUNDAMENTAL ROAR :P I'm talking about. After swap these speakers in to big cab I noticed more bass but still..something is missing. I do not wont to say that is bad speaker...oh no . My point is that like for me this speaker is not so great and I prefers more dynamic speakers with more highs and different bass response and this is G12T-75 I'm talking about. This speaker need one ....two things actually to sound killer. First thing is closed cab. I have to admit it and I agree with many reviews I read before I start to use these speakers that it need to be installed in closed back cabinet. Second is powerful amp with Presence control in it. I did not know this speaker can handle frequencies the other speakers can not. Specially Highs. O yeah...highs are so singing and juicy . Like Stradivarius violin. Than add a big amount of mids and bass. Bass from this speaker is completely different than bass in Vintage 30. You can hear it when you crank up amp over 50% of power. This is no way to achieve a good sound from both of this speakers with same EQ setting. Riffs and shred sounds really heavy and this speaker roars. You need to dial in in your amp and specially with Presence knob but sound you can get is really killer. Another thing is as cab is bigger than better for G12T's. I start to build now oversized 4 speaker cabinet for AOR and I will install 4 G12T's . I love this speaker so much and want to say if you will ever want to use G12T's it will take you a while to dial in your sound but as soon you will get it , you will never want to play other speakers.

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Re: Celestion G12T-75 vs. Vintage 30

Postby BowerR64 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:42 am

My favorite speaker combo in a 4X12 is a V30 and a G12T-75

I like the V30s but they are LOUD at 100DB sensitivity they are quite a bit louder then the 97db G12T-75

It kinda depends on what version of G12T-75 you have there are like 4 versions of it and each one sounds different. The newer reissue made in china are more mid scooped then the older ones the older they are the more mids they have.

I have 3 of the 4 types i have the 80s version with the vent, the newer RI from china and a set from england.

When i mix em in a 4X12 i put the V30s down at the bottom because since they are so loud you can really hear em balance better down low.

I have a full stack with a JCM900, the B cab has V30s at the bottom, 75s at the top, then in the A cabinet i have 65s in the bottom and 75s at the top im in a wheelchair so when i sit and play the 65s are ear level but i still hear the V30s because they are so loud they really stick out.

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