Switchblade Jesus - loud alcohol fueled heaviness

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Switchblade Jesus - loud alcohol fueled heaviness

Postby Chalupacabra » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:57 pm


Loud alcohol fueled heaviness laced with fuzz and slight hallucinations of tube amps piercing your mind.

Born from the land of oil and tar, Switchblade Jesus is a 4 piece equivalent of a heard of elephants slamming into a brick wall,.

-- "The world should never be short of great dirty rock 'n' roll bands that give you an excuse to down whiskey, slug beer, grow beards, raise your fists and, if you can, sing your mane in the name of rock. It's for those reasons that bands like Switchblade Jesus exist. While they are not reinventing the musical wheel, these Texans have concocted their own riff-hungry tunes that more than satisfy and rock needs the listener has: their debut self-titled album is a badass rock that fans of Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Down, Viking Skull and Black Label Society are going to dig. Heavy on the fuzzed-up boogie riffs (check out 'Bastard Son' and 'The Wolves'), 'Sick Mouth' is thunderous and closer 'Oblivion' is a stomping beast that reaches an earsplitting climax." -- Terrorizer [7.5/10]

-- "There's no other way to describe it. "Bastard Son" is the best stoner/doom/retro -- whatever-- cut I've heard all year. No other song I've heard has that swagger, that build of dynamic, that damn sexy groove and that assaulting violence. Already firmly planted on my Best of List for the year"
"Switchblade Jesus are one of the best new bands I've stumbled on in ages. Mixing southwestern boogie, desert-worn blues, retro-metal assault and fierce rocking into a sound that screams Texas. This band is the blood and soul of it's environment and should not be missed. Recommended for any fan of the heavy who digs a groove in their blitz." - The Ripple Effect

"Trust me when I say, it only takes about a 28 seconds to fall in love with Switchblade Jesus, I know. I actually counted. Whats more, I could easily give you a plethora of reasons why: They're like Down, but more fun. They have a pure rock fury to rival that of Clutch, and they're truly music to drink (copious amounts of) beer too... To give you just a few...It completely epitomises that bad ass southern rock style and swagger and instantly conjures up mental images of dusty dives bars, truckers and lot lizards. For me at least. That and a good old fashioned alcohol induced punch ups... Now, I've not been in a awful lot of bar fights. A few, but not a lot. Well, not a ridiculous amount. Ok, it's in double figures, but dont judge me! Anyway, for some reason I can remember pretty much every song playing in the back ground each time. Trivial, maybe, but thats always something thats sort of stuck in the back of my mind: Refused - New Noise, Slayer - Reign In Blood, Soilent Green - Build Fear, Cliff Richard - Devil Woman (don't ask). The point I'm trying to get to is that some time in the future I could quite easily see myself throwing punches to Sick Mouth off this very album. Straight from the opening bars I could envision myself causing absolute carnage to this track....It's dirty, its cool, it heavy and its ballsy as hell. It's the sort of album that knocks back one too many whiskeys, pins you against the wall, kicks you in the balls then leaves with your woman. In fact, if Hollywood ever decide to remake the film Road House, I'd strongly suggest they just stick this album over it for the soundtrack.
That would be genius." - Ride with the Devil


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