Voxman playing with the Lemonstrats at Radnage Beer Festival

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Voxman playing with the Lemonstrats at Radnage Beer Festival

Postby Voxman » Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:37 am

'Bout 2 weeks b4 the gig my friend Graham (runs an amateur band called the Lemonstrats) called me saying he was in big trouble! - their guitarist 'bottled' & blew them out (didn't have the confidence to play live), & the gig at the Radnage beer festival in High Wycombe was booked & they were the main support band to 'The Deps' who were the main band!!

Looks like we were playing to toddlers but it was such a beautiful day everyone (about 250-300 people) was outside the marquee (as you might be able to hear) supping their beer & cider! Should have put some grease on those poles!! :lol:

Took my two Laney amps with me (VC30-210 and Cub12R) but ended up using a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe that was already plugged in ...quite a decent little amp. Used a Strat for the Blues (well, one was an SRV song!) and my PRS Cu24 for other rock stuff & Valerie.

Anyway, here's a few clips...bit shaky in places but please 'be gentle' as we only had 2 rehearsals - including one in the afternoon before the gig that evening! Loads a time...NOT!

Texas Flood

I'll play the blues for you


Bright Lights (opening number)

Rich :wink:
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