Laney LA35 acoustic question :-)

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Laney LA35 acoustic question :-)

Postby Lilith » Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:35 pm

Hi, I have the Laney LA35 acoustic amp and I wondered if anyone here might help with the problem I am having.

I can get a great sound from this amp when I plug my guitar in. It has two channels and I want to use one for vocals but I can't get a good sound. The inputs are both jack or XLR, so I can plug my mic cable in, but the sound is distorted on channel 1 and inaudible on channel 2. My mic (sm58) and the mic cable work fine so I know it's not that. Just wondering whether I can alter my set up in some way or whether I should give up on plugging my mic in.. Or maybe there's some kind of fault with the amp? Any thoughts, advice etc would be much appreciated. Liz :-)

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