New LC30 - MK1 owner - Love it! Questions...

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New LC30 - MK1 owner - Love it! Questions...

Postby dynac0mp » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:49 pm


I'm new to Laney, but glad I finally got here! I plugged in randomly to check out my recently repaired Tele (since it just happened to be nearby) and I was so blown away by the sound! Bright and chimey like a cross between an AC30 and a Fender Twin. Drive channel is fun and sensitive to playing dynamics. Really, really got lucky on this used amp for just $250.


--Mine came with an Invader speaker and Laney tech support identified it as a "mid-1990's" production. The current PDF manual does not seem to match the switch layout exactly, does anybody have a link to the correct manual for this model?
--I inspected the tubes and what I think is the V1 position had an old GE 12AT7 tube from 1965! Sure sounds cool, but I was surprised to find it. My question is whether this is the pre-amp tube for both the clean and drive channels? or just the clean channel?
--Does anybody else think that these invader speakers sound really good? :-)
--Were the Sovtek power tubes and the Ei 12AX7s standard issue in this amp? I really do like their sound (although the power tubes are *all* microphonic).

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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