Ironheart - external volume limiting?

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Ironheart - external volume limiting?

Postby JonA » Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:12 am

Hi all,

Apologies for what is definitely a very newbie question, but hopefully someone can help me out here.

After a decade of playing only through a pre-amp and headphones, I finally moved in to a house with a bit of space and have treated myself to an Ironheart IRT60H and 4x12 cab, which I'm loving. One things that's confusing me is that the amp is so loud that I'm only playing with the Watts control and the channel volume controls at about 9 o'clock i.e. really far down, yet I constantly see videos on youtube of people playing in their bedrooms, right in front of the cab, with the Watts control maxed out and the channel volume levels way up. How is this possible? If I turn the controls up that high it would blow my roof off, so there's definitely something I'm missing.

I'm wondering if people are doing this using a volume pedal in the FX loop or something similar?

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