My band 'Dad's Army' - live! Well, sort of..., Recorded live

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My band 'Dad's Army' - live! Well, sort of..., Recorded live

Postby Voxman » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:52 pm

A few weeks back we turned up at our rehearsal studio's in Barnet, North London run by our very good friend Rick Mantevani.  We were playing around with the idea of just recording ourselves live to see how we sounded and that it might help promote us to get more gigs, because the only clips we had of ourselves were captured on mobile phones at gigs - but we were struggling to get round to it.  One evening we turn up for band practice (we're all a bit cream-crackered after a hard day's work) and Rick has miked everything up to record us. So we're scratching our heads of what to play, because we were caught on the hop and hadn't really planned this.  We picked some numbers, did two takes of each, and hoped one of them was at least half decent.

So, here are the songs we did, warts and all - mistakes, mis-beats, forgotten riffs etc

The mix is pretty basic, mixed volume levels, stuff not set in the mix right etc etc - so it really is pretty much a one-take live session.  But hey, we're only an amateur covers band so please make allowances for us - but even with all that I didn't think we come out too shabby and will get at least a few feet tapping somewhere.

See what you think guys.  All songs covered were done with my trusty 2002 PRS Custom 24, and Vox Tonelab SE through the front-end (clean channel) of a Hughes & Kettner Warp 7 (solid-state) head and an H&K 4x12 cab, miked up. (No Laney's on this one I'm afraid - our rehearsal rooms don't have them)

Vertigo (U2)
Are you gonna go my way (Lenny Kravitz)
Walk this way 9Aerosmith)
Jesus just left Chicago (ZZ Top)
Waiting for the bus (ZZ Top)
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