Laney LC15 mod/project

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Laney LC15 mod/project

Postby MisterAshford » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:04 pm


I own a late 90s LC15. I'd like to mod it; essentially cutting the hardwired cables from the amp unit to the speaker and putting in a mono audio jack and housing so I can disconnect it, mainly so I can add a DIY amp attenuator like this one. As it's an older model, it doesn't have an effects loop, so I can't use some of the ones advertised on eBay.

I have a LC50, which has a jack input from the speaker into the back of the unit, so really I'm trying to replicate this approach. Is there anything I should (be)ware of? The very rough idea is

Brown and black wires from speaker -> jack socket (female) <- jack input <- wires to inside unit.

Or, should I drill a space for the jack input into the back of the unit (a la the LC50)?

Or or, is there a safe way to repurpose the current LC15 Line out jack, essentially turning it into a speaker input?

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