LC50 II - just bought, need info (re: LC50 vs LC15)

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LC50 II - just bought, need info (re: LC50 vs LC15)

Postby damnedcat777 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 2:41 am

I have just bought an LC50II from 2006, and the only other Laney I owned that I kept for any appreciable amount of time was an LC15 I loved DEARLY, but foolishly sold. Now, the LC50 II I just bought is from the original owner, the tubes have never been changed, it has never been gigged. Hell, it's never left this woman's bedroom!! I got it at a real steal ($300). I've been waiting a LONG TIME to find one of these in this condition, and now, I FOUND ONE!

My question is: does this LC50II sound anything at ALL like the 1998 Laney LC15 I used to own? Man, I loved that amp! It was a BEAST! I recently bought an LC15R, but was NOT at ALL happy with it. The reverb was.... in a word: SHIT. I was hoping to find another LC15 in mint condition, then this LC50II came up on eBay, I emailed the seller, found out it was a bedroom beauty, never gigged, never been to a fix it shop (never NEEDED it), and it's about as untouched as I can hope to find. BEST OF ALL, instead of her $400 asking price, she accepted my offer of 300 bucks!!!! Yeah, BABY!!! I am so over the moon!!!!

It should be here via Fed Ex in about 10 days. So, besides a new set of Tube Doctor tubes, and hopefully some kind of speaker upgrade (stock Celestion 70 eighty), will this sound like my beloved LC15, and what can I do to make her as BEASTLY as my old LC15? Man, that amp sounded so... METAL!!!! But it cleaned up like a Fender, too. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Let me know....

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