Laney lc30

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Laney lc30

Postby Tann » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:36 pm

Hello to all...

I was asked this question by personal friend who's has a lc30.. Can you give it a but more gain?
So after looking at the diagram I noticed it use's opamps after the valve preamp stages this is part of the sent / return plus the reverb circuit is a straight forward basic opamp lay out..
So after a few number crunches I gave it a little more boost on the first opamp where both channels feed in to that part of the circuit.. Next a quick scope and genny test followed by a refit and play a few cords to a much boosted lc30.

I called my freind who liked the out come plus i added a bit more gain to the reverb circuit.. It's now being gigged more and sounds great...

Regards T.

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