Lionheart REVERB Question~~

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Lionheart REVERB Question~~

Postby zozoe » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:25 pm

Hi all~  In the past I've owned several of the Lionheart series of heads & combo amps, all UK made, & am looking at either a UK L20T 4x10 Jensens, or a 1x12 version, also UK.  The person with the UK 1x12 combo says it has digital reverb, & no tank. I don't remember a time when they were 'Handmade in Great Britain' & didn't have spring reverb?  I'm torn between the heavy 4x10's & the manageable 1x12.  I simply loved the OD of my L5T's, especially with the Celestion speaker. Any thoughts on what i may be happiest with?  Thanks in advance!

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