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Laney 1970 60 watt PA Head

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:59 am
by Loudstroud
Just bought a '70 60 watt PA head in very good and almost totally original condition (two added caps on channels 1 & 2). Sounds stunning. About to do a filter cap replacement and retube. Due to it's high plate and screen voltage (605/575vdc) will retube with JJ KT88's that spec at 800/600. Had KT88's in a '68 100 watt head I previously owned and it sounded amazing. Incredible top end and punch-in-the-chest low's. Expect the same with this 60 PA head.

Question for those more familiar with Laney vintage heads... Are the PT and OT transformers the same in the PA head as the lead guitar model?

I am running this head on the 110 tap with the help of the BrownBox.