Need help buying an old supergroup in USA

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Need help buying an old supergroup in USA

Postby MikeO » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:35 pm

Hello all, I'm in the USA (Los Angeles) so these amps are hard to find.
I found two in a local shop... One is an all original '70-72 Supergroup and the other is a '68? Plexi front 100w pre-Supergroup.

The plexi one has issues; recovered head cab, two extra holes in the rear panel and it's been monkeyed with a bit inside. It's been restored and only a a few resistors have been replaced. Trannies are original.

The original '70s one is $1500 and the plexi one is $1200.
I'm leaning towards the '70s one but both need a good 'douching' as all the jacks and pots are dirty and make loud static noises.

The prices seem a bit high to me but I'm out if the loop. What should I offer for either? (Only gonna buy one)

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