Is this a fair trade?

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Is this a fair trade?

Postby alwittlich » Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:56 pm

Hi there. I'm pretty new to Laneys but have heard awesome things about them. I'm thinking of trading my 1996 Strat (Standard USA) to this guy for his PA/Guitar amp. Here is a link to the guy's Laney showing description and pictures. Is this a fair trade do you think for my Strat? Hoping to get some expert advice. Thank you!

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Re: Is this a fair trade?

Postby crusherdestroyer » Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:23 am

my two cents:
1) Having an AOR and having conversed with them for a while, stock is gold. Mods can be frowned upon. Now, you've got cosmetic mods on it and what looks like a mod to boost preamp gain. So, from the perspective of a Laney fanatic, eh, I'd want my Supergroup to be stock. But from the perspective of someone who wants a kickass amp, this should sound great.

2) Do you need a new amp? Can you get rid of your strat? My suggestion is see if you can try it out for a bit, put it through the paces, etc. If your strat is expendable and you want a British voiced vintage amp that will get your blood going, then this could work. Monetarily, I think its near even (how much are American strats goings for these days, sorry, I play a LP) its just about what you need right now.

Good luck!

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