AOR Protube50 output volume vs 2204

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AOR Protube50 output volume vs 2204

Postby rnrlamf » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:52 pm

Hey folks. I picked up an AOR 8 knobber from a music shop while on tour. It sounded awful in the store but I figured with a little TLC it could be a much better amp. I refurbished it with new electrolytics and reversed all the terrible mods done to it over the years. Just novice stuff like clipping bright caps and adding .0047uF caps on the phase inverter, stuff like that. Anyhow, I brought it back to original spec other than the first gain stage bypass cap. I lowered that from 47uF to 1uF and I'm thrilled with the sound. It is a lean and mean sounding amp but even with the volume on 10 it doesn't seem all that loud. I have a few 2204's and even a 1987 from Marshall and both of those put out a ton of volume. The Laney doesn't seem to come close. Is this typical? It wasnt loud when I tried it out in the store either. I want to get another one but if they are that quiet I'll have to go with the 100watter.
What do you think?

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