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Postby Polsky » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:24 pm

From a few days Laney announcing , using very short video clips, that something new is coming. On first clip they showed a part of metal grill ( not exactly like used in 80's AOR) which might be sign of new high gain amp, and some letters popping up. Today , on Laney Facebook forum , they announced it again with different clip and different letters popping out. Letters does not make any sense so far , unless Laney gonna reveal next clips with additional letters , but everything adds up for a new high gain amplifier , and probably this time it gonna be AOR reissue :D . Actually for me , that would be most beautiful and awaiting amplifiers , but on other hand, some completely new design would be also great. There is not that much high gain amps in Laney line, and I don't count all variations of IRT. Actually we have IRT and GH and the only pure metal sounding is IRT. LA30BL is different beast , and I wouldn't count it as a heavy metal amplifier. So time will show what's cooking and Laney gonna reveal I on January 24TH ,2019 during annual 2019 NAMM . Can't wait. :lol:
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