IRT vs GH100L vs GH100TI (Iommi, Black Sabbath sound?)

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IRT vs GH100L vs GH100TI (Iommi, Black Sabbath sound?)

Postby roswell47 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:34 pm

Hi everyone,

Basically I'm a bass guitarist, but I would like to buy a tube guitar amp for my project.
My favourite is the heavy, dirty Tony Iommi sound (particularly in the 90's, Forbidden-Reunion era), so I choose a Laney amp of course.
I would like to use it in dropC tuning in metal music of course (stoner, sludge, a bit doom like Sabbath).

But I'm a bit confused.
An obvious option is the GH100TI but I read that the GH100L is high gainer and "better choose".
What is the truth? What is the main difference in sound between these amps? Which amp is more aggressive?

Second thing, I'm intersted about that the newer IRT series (Studio, IRT60)
can sound like a GH100(L/TI) and bring the Iommi feeling but with lower volume?

Thank you for help! :)

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Re: IRT vs GH100L vs GH100TI (Iommi, Black Sabbath sound?)

Postby Polsky » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:59 pm

IRT and GH are different beast. I believe this is not possible to get Iommi sounds with IRT. Different circuits . Despite they looks almost the same they sounds totally different. IRT represents modern metal sounds when Iommi amp exactly Iommi sounds.
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