About the Laney Posse

Hello and welcome to the Laney Posse Amp Forum!

We aim to be the no#1 unofficial resource for information on Laney guitar amps, bass amps, cabs, PA and even mixing desks

Check out our forum, for advice from fellow Laney users on amps such as the AOR, AOR/Protube, Chrome-O-Zone, Linebacker, Dynamic Power, Dynamic Bass, Richter, Tube Fusion, Klipp, Supergroup, and all of the extensive valve range, including GH, VH, VC and LC. Own Lionheart or Nexus amplifiers? Or one of the new Cub or Prism amplifiers?

We also have a section for HH speakers, as a lot of Laney amps were kitted out with HH over the years. For those of you interested (and a lot of people are), HH is making a comeback: http://hhelectronics.com

So, please feel free to join up and come and have a chat!

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